Coach Ryan:

After some time away from CrossFit, I rolled into my first class with Ryan at 6am on a Monday morning. I was a little suspicious of his leprechaun shorts and bright purple socks, but Ryan has pushed me further in the few weeks I’ve known him than I had gotten in months at other boxes. He’s a stickler for form and safety, and every WOD is full of his energy. One morning, a snowstorm kept the other members of our 6am family from coming to the box, and the WOD happened to be Karen (150 wall ball shots). My legs were already sore, and I was not at all motivated to get through even half of those wall balls. Ryan saw me struggling, set a time cap, grabbed a ball, and did the entire workout with me, counting reps and pushing me to the end. He’s always available to help with a movement that’s giving me trouble or to celebrate a new PR. As a coach and as a friend, I’ve been lucky to know Ryan.

-Christina Boehmer

Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover Ryan’s coaching skills. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and his advice on technique has changed the way I am able to perform. Ryan will push you 10x past what you thought your breaking point was, and always offers positive feedback, criticism, and advice. It was an honor to be taught by him.

-Kate Ehatt

Ryan is very knowledgeable about the sport, and is willing to help with anything you are having trouble with. He’s got just the perfect amount of craziness to keep the WoDs fun and interesting!

-Zach Ballweg

As much as it saddens me to lose Ryan, know that you are gaining not only an incredible coach, but an amazing person. Ryan is dedicated to helping all of us become healthier and stronger, not only physically but mentally as well. The personal one on one attention he gives is second to none. His knowledge of nutrition provides the essential building blocks to a healthier you. You all are lucky to have Ryan heading up your Crossfit family. So from our family to yours, good luck in continuing, or beginning, the journey to a happier, healthier you. Do work!

-Jason Bory

Coach Trevor: 

Trevor Methena is a leader by example: He is not only dedicated to being the best he can be at Crossfit, but also in helping others achieve their best in it. He coaches clearly and is able to point out the slightest nuance one needs in order to improve a movement or technique. Trevor is able to keep everyone moving through the WoD smoothly and safely, no matter if the class is as small as 8, or as large as 20. His positive vibes are awesome and encouraging. As a coach, Trevor has that unique knack of making you believe you can achieve that movement/ PR and lead you to execute it. Trevor, my sincere congratulations on the opening of Prism Crossfit. And to members of Prism Crossfit, you guys are in the best of hands!

– Veron Leong

Trevor is a really responsible coach who always starts and ends class on time. He gives good advice in correcting form and teaches weightlifting technique with clear explanations. You’ll always be learning something new at his classes!

– Ang Xin Hui

Met Trevor in 2012 when he came over to Crossfithub to do his Open workout and i was his judge back then. And he just blew my mind with his unbroken Wallballs and double unders. Hes a beast in all his workouts And he blended in perfectly and became one of our Hub’s finest coaches. He even went out to represent CrossfitHub in the Regionals in 2013. Hes very attentive to details to everyone when hes coaching. I must say hes really strict with everyone esp judging for the opens. sometimes i know hes somewhat disappointed in me for giving up during workouts. Trev i m working on that…thanks for the push. Always there to give pointers tips, sharing his experiences and even to the extend of getting stuff for the members when hes overseas.

– Danny Foong

Trevor is a very intentional coach. He has helped me correct my technique in the various olympic lifts many a time. That in turn has helped me to improve in my workouts. He also has a great eye for detail, being able to spot flaws in a movement very quickly. His advice and coaching is always greatly appreciated.

– Jonathan Choy

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