[PRISM CrossFit Blog] What to Expect for Your First CrossFit Open…3 Tips for Success

Late February / early March is always an exciting time of year for us CrossFitters, it is what’s known as the start of “the season.” For a large percentage of us, our season ends 5 weeks after it begins after our last attempt at 15.5 (15 for 2015 and .5 for 5th week’s workout, (this is how CrossFit HQ “names” their Open workouts). If you’re lucky enough to extend your season, you will then be participating in the Regionals, or “Super” Regionals with the new parameters rolled out this year. If you manage to then activate your “Extreme Beast Mode” from there, you’re on your way to Carson California for the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Sadly the “grand”, and “grander” stages of the Regionals and the Games are only set for a few percent of our global community to participate in. This doesn’t take away from the fact that the CrossFit Open is the greatest celebration of community the Sport of Fitness has to offer. Gyms ban together to support all their athletes through 5 grueling workouts, athletes put their heads together and figure out the best strategies to tackle each WOD, and newbies gain a huge amount of confidence, friendships, and PRs!

Whether you’ve started CrossFit post-2014 Open, this is your first time signing up, or you’re on the fence (hopefully this article will help you join the party!). Listen up for these 3 tips for gaining the most out of the Open, these notes will set you up for success.

Tip # 1 – Now is not the time for drastic changes:

If you’re paleo, stay paleo. If you smash donuts as your pre-workout, smash a donut. Whether you make a drastic diet change for the good or the bad, it causes real issues in the early days of the change. This thought process also goes for your training. You are not going to get much stronger before the Open and you won’t get too much more efficient at that pesky gymnastics move you’ve been struggling with. However, if a movement or weight requirement comes up that you’ve never done before, it is OK to try and get your first rep, second rep, third rep, and so on in the days prior to your Open 15.x attempt. You’ll be surprised at what a little practice, pinch of technique cleanup, and a LOT of adrenaline will do on “game day.” If you happen to grab a PR or two during the open, it will do wonders with your transfer or “perceived confidence” to “earned confidence” with that particular movement. Watch the 2008 Champ Jason Khalipa explain. This new confidence will catapult your success into the coming year.

PRISM CrossFit Khalipa Methena Leander Texas
The 2008 Champ Jason Khalipa and Me

 Tip # 2 – Go into each workout with a plan, and try like hell to stick to it:

Thrusters and Pull ups Open WoD Trevor Methena PRISM CrossFit Leander Texas
The Open is F.U.N!!!

Sometimes you look at a workout and say, “I can do that whole dang thing unbroken” and you end up doing singles to finish out your last two rounds. That’s OK, you analyze the workout, see where you went wrong and try to make better adjustments next time. Setting the ego aside, knowing your strengths and your WEAKNESSES (more important), and conferring with your coaches and fellow athletes will help you develop a personalized plan to get the most reps or fastest time (yikes!) (Open Wod 14.5). There are many great outlets that analyze and put out great tips and tricks for all the Open workouts mere hours after the announcement. Try barbell shrugged if you’re looking for my recommendation.

Tip # 3 – Have Fun!!!:

Prism CrossFit Leander Tx Coach Trevor Athletes Brief
Please, Please, Please, Keep it Fun!!!

Seriously, take this as an opportunity to push yourself harder, support your friends and gym, and really REALLY feel good about yourself (earned confidence). If you are self-conscious about putting your scores and fitness out to the public, just remember there is only one person who will remember your scores a week after the Open closes (maybe 2 if you have a good COACH!) and that’s you! No one is judging you (well, during the workout there will be a judge), but besides that minute detail, everyone at the gym only wants you to do your best!

So…hopefully you’ve either been “amped up” or convinced to sign up and kick some Open butt!!! For registration info go to http://www.games.crossfit.com.

Any other questions? Ask a coach!

Author: Trevor Methena


One thought on “[PRISM CrossFit Blog] What to Expect for Your First CrossFit Open…3 Tips for Success

  1. Simple, yet sound advice!

    I think the plan is a huge one; we train all year and have some sort of expectation on what our bodies and minds are capable of, even if we haven’t done the exact workout that comes out of the hopper.

    If you can do 100 burpees in 10:00 and The Castro programs 7:00 burpees, it would be reasonable to think you can do more than ten in a minute, so roll with that sort of plan.

    I’m excited to see what comes up and coming up with the best strategy for me for each wod!

    Happy competing!

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